An Introduction to Gödel's Proof of the Existence of God

On August 16, 2020, I published my new book "Gödel's God Theorem: Catholic Edition," which offers:

  • An intuitive introduction to Gödel's proof of the existence of God;
  • A Monotheism Theorem;
  • A Cosmological Theorem;
  • An explanation of the infallibility of the Catholic Church that clarifies the relationship between the Bible and Apostolic Tradition;
  • A justification of Gödel's axioms that pivots on the doctrinal treasures of the Catholic Church, especially the Trinity;
  • A solution to modal collapse;
  • An argument from Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems that reveals a harmony between mathematical Platonism and theism;
  • And much more. 

I'm already working on a new manuscript that expands upon many topics in "Gödel's God Theorem," especially free will.